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1) Carpets

Carpet cleaning starts with a quick vacuum, then a inspection of any, spots and stains, needing any pre treatment. I then move onto pre spraying and agigtating the carpet, to loosen any dirt and dust laying at the base. I do this for two reasons, it makes it easier to clean and stay clean longer, also in removing all the dirt and dust, prolongs the life of your carpet, as this causes the wear and tear of your carpet. The machine using hot water extraction, which sprays a cleaning/conditioner into the carpet, then extracts it back out. Leaving the carpet almost dry, feeling soft and smelling fresh, has i put a deodouriser in the machine, on all jobs and comes free of charge.

Thanks for looking at my web page and please do not hesitate to get in touch. Most jobs can be done within the working week. Stain protection is available, to be applied after cleaning, to help prolong the clean and the life of your carpet.

2) Upholstery

Upholstery cleaning is cleaned, in a similar way to carpet cleaning. The same machine is used, the difference being, a special upholstery attachment is connected, which has a finer spray, to keep the wettness down to a minimum. The pre spray applied to the most worn area's, normally where heads and hands have been, sometimes on the base, along the front edge where its been caught, with shoe scuffs. Again in the machine a fabric cleaner conditioner and a deoudouriser, which again comes in with the price of the job and not as a extra.

Also available is cleaning of leather furniture.
Which is a manual method of cleaning which consist of, pretreating heavy used areas, followed by a all over clean using professional leather cleaner. This is followed by a all over leather feeder/conditioner, so leaving your furnishings supple, soft and smelling fresh.

3) Specialist Services

Fabric and fibre stain protection. This is best applied after cleaning, while the upholstery or carpet, is clean and dust free. Both these products are water based and can be applied, while upholstery or carpet are slightly damp. Although it will make the drying time a little longer.

The Application of ProMite. ProMite is a water based and is totally non-toxic and is safe around childeren and pets. It is proven to safely remove and repel dust mites from your carpets and fabrics. It lasts for upto 14months and is a top product, if there are asthma or allergy sufferers in the household.

For people having problems with carpet moths, I provide a service using a product Formula C, which is a safe water based insecticide to be used on carpets & soft furnishings. With product being water based it can be applied straight after cleaning.

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